By policy, we don't accept refund requests on the sale of digital goods unless it's stated clearly on a published sales page. Here's why: Digital products are much different than physical goods. By returning a physical good to a seller, the merchant gets to keep the original value of that product. With digital goods, a return is a total and complete loss to the merchant, especially once the product(s) have been "consumed.”
*Once you purchase downloaded content there are no exchanges or refunds - no exceptions.
Once your purchase is complete, you will receive your business downloads in your account and downloadable links in your email.
Please make sure to check all folders in your email. A lot of the time your email security will think this is a “promotion or spam” so be sure to check your promotions folder first, that’s where it’s sent the majority of time. Check your spam, junk, trash folders too. If your email server doesn’t have a promotions folder try opening your email through a different browser that has promotions folder access.

Once we've shipped your order and you have received your tracking number, it is on the shipping carrier to do their job and deliver your product to the correct address you've provided. Too often, especially with the pandemic, shipping carriers half-ass their jobs and everyone looks at the business. MAKE THE CARRIER DO A INVESTIGATION IF THEY LOSE YOUR PACKAGE! 

We ship USPS because they are your regular mail delivery person and should be familiar with your home address. However, if you know that the apartment complex or the place in which you live has special instructions (lot numbers, building names, and so forth the mail person uses to find your unit number) please include that in your shipping address. 

Digital products are not shipped, nor offered in hard/soft copy. You can print your digital PDFs.

Resell or redistribution of any of Business Of Paper content is strictly prohibited and punishable by law. 

This planner cover is fabricated and pink. It can be written on, but not erased. It can have a favorited perfume sprayed on it for a mood booster or to have it smell expensive and good. But, we suggest test spraying and holding the bottle high in the air and letting the perfume mist-down as to NOT CREATE STAINS.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL. However, if you find you no longer need your shipped unused - unopened items, please email and we can see how we can assist.



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