I created Business Of Paper for marginalized women starting and growing their businesses. As a graduate of Business School with a minor in marketing, I’ve spent my career in Washington, DC helping our community launch their careers. I’ve worked with top brands like Coty for Calvin Klein, Gucci, & Kylie Skin, Samsung, Revlon, JLo, and Hallmark with their marketing and now I want to help you!

Every good entrepreneur wants to build a brand, generate revenue, and have a strong & loyal customer base. But for some reason that path to achieve those things have been made extremely difficult for us And that's why my mission it for you to experience a better business journey.

I am so excited to have launched my feature product, The Business Blueprint! It's what you need to start and grow your business in the best ways possible. Made for Us by Us, you won't find anything like The Business Blueprint on the market, period.

And this is just the start! I’m working on some amazing new launches that I can’t wait to share with you ladies.

xoxo, Chanel Essence💗

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Business Of Paper means: We are about our business and money! And that’s on Mary had a little Lamb.